Frequently Asked Questions


How to contact us Contacting our support team is easy. We are here for you 24/ 7 to solve your problems. To get in touch with us, please send an email to [email protected] Provide information such as your problem, domain name and any other information that may help us resolve your problem. We usually respond to all emails within 24 hours.

I forgot my password If you forgot your password, you can easily reset it. Make sure to check your spam and junk folders for the password reset email, as it often lands in such folders.

How come there is a free plan There's no joke to it: the free plan is free. We will never charge you a single cent for it and it will remain free forever. Whilst free hosting has limits (such as restrictions to what content you may upload, how many hits you can have and how much computing power you may use), the rest is quite "unlimited".

How do I upgrade to premium Upgrading to premium is easy. Either, head to the control panel and buy premium from there or visit our website and buy it from there. Once you have purchased premium, you need to open a support ticket at our partner, iFastNet. iFastNet provides the premium hosting and they will be able to migrate your free account. Premium comes with cool features such as more compute power and priority support.

Domains & DNS

How can I add my own domain This is easy! First of all, head to your domain registrar (the place you got your domain from) and change your nameservers. These should be and Wait some time for these to update (should normally go very fast, may take longer depending on your registrar). Once they've updated, simply head to our control panel and add the domain under "Addon Domains".

Can I add MX records? Yes, you can. In the control panel, under mail you will find an option to add MX records. You can use this, to for example, link your domain to an external email provider.

Can I add SPF records Yes, you can. In the control panel, under mail you will find an option to add SPF records. You can use this, to for example, link your domain to an external email provider.


I get an error HTTP 500 The HTTP error 500 is a way for your PHP script to output that something is wrong. This will happen when either something is misconfigured or broken. To find the cause, you should enable error logging (if this is possible for your script). If you made this script yourself, you can activate debug errors to show what's gone wrong. If you did not make it yourself, contact the script vendor for support.

What PHP version do you run? We have recently updated to PHP version 7.4. This version fixes many problems in the 7.x "series" while adding several new features. We are still aware of some missing extensions, (such as zip etc.) and we are currently building and adding these.

File Management

How can I upload files There are two options: either, you can use our online file manager in the control panel or you can connect with FTP. The FTP credentials are in your panel.

How can I connect to FTP This is easy! First of all, you will need a FTP client. We recommend using FileZilla or winSCP (note: winSCP is only for Windows). The FTP hostname is and port 21. The username is your panel username and password is also the panel password.


What port is MySQL The MySQL port is 3306.

Can I use remote MySQL databases On the free hosting plan, we do not offer remote MySQL databases. Upgrade to premium if you need this feature.


Problems with Cloudflare If you are using WordPress with Cloudflare, you need to make sure some things are set correctly. In the Cloudflare dashboard, make sure the SSL mode is set to "Flexible". Using "Full" or "Full Strict" will break your site. Also, in your WordPress settings, make sure your site URL is https.


Getting SSL with Cloudflare To get SSL with Cloudflare, login to our control panel. Find the Cloudflare option, select your domain and enable Cloudflare. Shortly after, you will get an email from Cloudflare with login details for their panel. Login to the Cloudflare panel at Make sure to set the SSL mode to "Flexible", other modes will break your site.

Cloudflare SSL modes Make sure to set the SSL mode to "Flexible". All other modes will break your site.

Getting SSL from an external provider You can use free (or paid) SSL providers. To upload those certificates, head to the SSL option in the control panel and upload the corresponding keys.